Picture of the Art-Deco Grandmother clock
Art Deco style Grandmother Clock

Art Deco style Grandmother Clock


Good working order
Dark Oak case. Approx 61" tall
Chimes every quarter
Strikes on the hour


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Description of the item

This is a very affordable grandmother clock which we've taken in part-exchange.
The case is veneered in dark oak and measures approx 61" tall.
The movement has three 'trains'. It chimes each quarter with the Westminster chime. It also strikes the hours on the hour. (There is a switch to silence the chimes.
The movement needs winding every week.

Slight damage to the side of the hood
Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the movement

Information about the maker

The clock was made in Germany by Haller, between the wars. The movement is of very good quality.

Condition Report

In very good condition. 100% original. We have not touched the clock, hence the low price. There is a small section of damaged veneer to the left hand 'ear' shown in the 2nd photo, and a tiny nibble from the right hand ear, shown in the first photo.


Cost of Restoration

To be agreed

What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please Contact Us about this Item.
If you live near to Cheshire, we are happy to bring the item to the Knutsford shop for you to examine in detail.

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