Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Smith of Alfreton

Attractive Cottage Longcase clock by Smith of Alfreton c1805

Oak case, mahogany cross banding
Pretty painted dial
Good value
Fully prepared for sale.

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Description of the item

A super 30-hour (daily wind) longcase clock in very good original condition.
Lovely painted dial which has survived in great condition. The movement has been fully overhauled (£400 value) and has a 12 month warranty. The oak case is 7' 2" tall, retaining the original finish with great patination.
(It strikes the hours each hour on a bell. Will run for 3 days without striking)
Mahogany Cross banding
Detail of the clock dial

Information about the maker

Benjamin Smith (II) is recorded as working in Alfreton from 1774 to 1807. We estimate this clock was made towards the end of this period.

Dimensions & Specification

Oak case with mahogany cross banding & trimming. 30-hour movement, striking the hours on a bell. 13" painted dial with well docorated arch. Original steel hands.
Dimensions: only 86" tall.

Detail of the clock dial arch
Detail of the fully restored movement

Condition Report

The painted dial is beautiful untouched conditon. The off-white ground is in excellent order and the decoration still bright and colourful. The oak case is very good & tidy order. There are a few knocks & rubs but nothing serious and ready to be used. The trunk door lock has been replaced with a catch operated The movement has been fully overhauled (£400 retail cost).

Cost of Restoration

Non required.

What to do next

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Local delivery & set-up is available at £95

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