British Clocks Illustrated.

British Clocks Illustrated.

Hardback book 272pg
Condition: Brand New, SIgned by Brian Loomes
Published by Robert Hale
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Our verdict on this title : 8/10

An excellent introduction to British Clocks of ALL types. Good value too. An excellent buy for someone showing interest in clocks for the first time, it has plenty of detail for those more experienced.
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Publishers full description of Title :

The first fully-pictorial survey of antique clocks, each of almost 300 pages being a self-contained photograph with textual explanations of aspects such as age, functions and quality. Separate sections cover longcase clocks, hooded clocks, bracket clocks and lantern clocks, as well as spring-and weight-driven wall clocks. Each text section points out plus and minus points in the illustrated example, which helps the novice differentiate and identify quality features. Useful for collector and novice alike, but also of particular assistance to restorers. Published by Robert Hale.

ISBN 0 7990 4547 6

272 pages, 300 photographs 10 in by 6.5 inches. hardback, full-colour cover

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