Clockmakers of Northern England, Brian Loomes.

Clockmakers of Northern England, Brian Loomes.

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Published by Mayfield Books, 1997
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Our verdict on this title : 8/10

A very worthwhile investment. Brian Loomes literally MAKES the rules, such is the influence of the man. Obviously very strong on Longcase clocks. Plenty of good illustrations. I'd say its more biased to the earlier clocks, which is more academically interesting but most of us are likely to own later clocks.

Publishers full description of Title :

The North of England has a long tradition of clockmaking, many of the clocks having distinctive regional features &emdash; sometimes with naive charm, but often with dials having elaborate and high-quality decorative engraving. The longcase clock was the main type made in the North of England and local styles can be recognised, such as the Hull pagoda-topped case (based on the London style, but quite distinctive), the Leeds style, the mahogany Liverpool case with much use of dentil moulding, blind fretting and a 'brickwork' base and the high quality cases made by Gillows of Lancaster. This book looks at the development of clocks on a county basis, giving details of the life and work of about 850 of the earliest and most important clockmakers and how they influenced later generations and in other regions. It is profusely illustrated with examples from the late seventeenth-century, through the Georgian period to Victorian times. The owners of most north-country clocks will be able to finf something here about their makers.
The author

Brian Loomes is Britain's best-known and most widely published author in the field of antique clocks. He writes regularly in Clocks magazine and many of his books are standard works on the subject. He is particularly interested in the lives of former clockmakers and he is currently updating the lists of clockmakers worldwide. He runs a specialist business selling antique clocks from his farmhouse home at Pateley Bridge in the Yorkshire Dales.

* Introduction
* The First Domestic Clocks
* The First Northern Clockmakers
* Seventeenth-Century Yorkshire Clockmakers
* Seventeenth-Century Lancashire Clockmakers
* Seventeenth-Century Clockmaking in Cumbria
* Seventeenth-Century Clockmaking in Northumbria
* The Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries
* Northern Clockmakers listed by town
* Maps
* Index


ISBN 0 9523270 5 8

246 x 174mm, 320 pages, 402 illustrations, 5 maps, hardback, full-colour dust jacket

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