De-la-rue clock side view

Excellent quality drop-dial wall clock from De-la-rue's Bunhill Row Factory c1890

Requiring restoration (mild or major)
Cast bezel, original untouched dial
De-la-rue = Currency printing Co.


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Description of the item

This is a good quality clock which has become fascinating after some research.

Famous for being the world's largest commercial banknote printer and banknote paper manufacturer, they opened their Star Works factory in Bunhill Row in 1874. This clock served in the rolling mill of this factory.

Mahogany case, cast brass bezel and untouched dial mean we have great foundations. It is running and can be sold in the current condition, but can also restored to order following payment of a deposit.

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Information about the maker & dating

The clock has a Thwaites & Reed service label and may well have been supplied by them. The dial is numbered 3289. These are difficult to date precisely but we estimate c1890.

Dimensions & Specification

8-day (weekly wind) fusee movement with chain drive. Steel dial 12" diameter. Cast bezel with bevelled glass. Mahogany case with veneered front and bottom. Lock to bottom door.
Dimensions: Overall diameter of the case is 14 3/4". Depth 5 3/4". Length 19 3/4"

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Please ask if you need the photo of the movement.

Condition Report

Currently in honest unrestored condition. All components original inc penduum. The one piece mahogany surround has a split by the 9. (Common fault). The back box has some shrinkgae causing damage to the front and bottom veneering. The locking bezel and the lock in the bottom door are not working and have been replaced with catches. One of the bottom door hinges broken. Side door has damage. 2 rear case stabilisers missing. Dial has super patination which we'd prefer to leave.

Cost of Restoration

Following discussion. It can be bought and used in current condition or totally 'minted' (or anywhere inbetween). Happy to discuss and advise the best route.

What to do next

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