Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Deacon Leicestershire

John Deacon of Leicester 30 hour Longcase (Grandfather) Clock (made in Samuel's workshops)

Attractive Oak case
Pretty Painted dial
Famous maker


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Description of the item

A lovely and decorative SMALL longcase (grandfather) clock made in 1783 by the famous Deacon clock making family in Leicestershire. 30 hour (daily winding) movement striking the hours on a bell. Solid oak case of very small (hence sought after) proportions (only 6' 3.5" tall).

A lovely new book has been published on the Deacon family of Clockmakers by W John Thornton, based on earlier work by P A Hewitt.
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Information about the maker

The clock would have been made in the famous workshops of Samuel Deacon in Barton-in-the -Beans in north-west Leicestershire. The clock is signed J Deacon (for John) who was Samuel's brother, and had a retail shop in Leicester from 1782. The amateur engraving and this being a simple movement means it was probably made by one of Samuel's many apprentices.

Dimensions & Specification

30 hour movement, striking the hours on a bell. Odd shaped front plate as noted in Thornton's book.
Painted dial 12" square. Very well painted. Again as documented in the book.
Solid oak case. Dimensions: 6' 4 1/2" tall, max width 19 1/4". Depth 10 1/2"
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Condition Report

Ready for its new home. The dial has been restored on the original slightly crazed off-white 'ground'. Movement is clean and in good working order, checked and oiled. The oak case has been restored and has good colour (slightly darker / less red than captured in the photos). The case is of the correct period and style, fits the dial perfectly and some styling clues to indicate it is a Deacon case, although the cheek / seatboard area looks to have had some modificaton.

Cost of Restoration

Non required.

What to do next

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