Black Marble Clock

Stunning Modern Design Black Marble Clock with visible Brocot Escapement

Rare Clock
Visble Escapement
Top Quality Movement


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Description of the item

It's hard to describe this one. This model exists in many sizes and with many adornments, but this is the largest and simplest model we've seen. It sounds daft to say this about something made in France 100 years ago, but it has an edge of Porsche design to it. (There, I did it).
It is very plain and of exceptional quality & condition. c1900
We can send you full size images by email. (a)
We can send you full size images by email. (b)

Information about the maker

The movement is very well engraved around the bottom rim, reading 'Richond Fane Paris'. Richond were in Bd Montmartre in Paris around 1890. Although he doesn't appear in my reference books, we have found some very fine clocks by him.

Dimensions & Specification

This is a large clock. The same model exists in many smaller sizes. This is the largest version we have seen:
39.3 cm tall; 33cm max width; 17.8cm depth

Striking on a sweet sounding bell, it counts the hours on the hour and strikes just once at the half-hour.
We can send you full size images by email. (c)
We can send you full size images by email. (d)

Condition Report

In very nice condition. Opten these clocks are very chipped and stained. This had the very odd minor nibble but is in rare condition. The belgian slate (marble) case has retained it's colour well. There is a small patch of graining on the left hand side (visable on the photo above) which may polish out, but it doesn't really distract. The is also in excellent order, with just a very fine hairline at 26mins past the hour. The case shows every reflection and is very difficult to photograph! The movement is clean and has been fully tested. It has a long pendulum and a long slow beat.

Cost of Restoration

Non required (apart from polishing off my finger prints shown on the photos...with a duster!)

We can send you full size images by email. (e)
We can send you full size images by email. (f)

What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this item.
We are happy to bring the clock to Bakewell for examination.

If you would need this clock shipping / posting, please get in touch to discuss the cost and options.

A 12 months warranty can be offered locally for £50
Local delivery and set-up £45

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