Picture of the Victorian Clock by Wells of Solihull

An early Victorian Clock bell striking clock by Wells of Solihull c1850

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Description of the item

This clock is below our own normal retail standards but offers great value for money. Its an opportunity to buy an honest clock at a good price without venturing onto ebay. It has an English Twin-Fusee movement which strikes on a bell (rare vs. gongs). It is fully tested and in good working order. See below for more details ask for more photos.
Please ask if you need this detail of the dial
Please ask if you need this detail of the case

Information about the maker

Part of a famous clock making family in the area, Richard is recorded at Warwick Rd, Solihull in the 1851 Census, aged 55. This is probably about when this clock was made.

Dimensions & Specification

Dimensions: 72cm, 42cm wide, 15cm deep

Mahogany veneered case. It has a restored 12" painted flat dial with very steel hands.
Spun brass bezel and sight-ring. Flat glass.

The movement is a wire driven 8-day twin fusee which strikes on a bell (generally earlier than gong striking clocks).

Condition Report

We are offering this clock in an unrestored but good-working-order condition. We have checked and oiled the movement and everything is running as it should and there are no signs of excessive wear. The case is in good order but unrestored. There are nibbles to the veneer, the side doors (not seen) have slight damage. The bottom door has a lock and key but the lock doesn't turn (no impact on operation). The dial and movement are original to the case (not a marriage). The 'ears' under the dial may be replacements. Dial has been restored, not repainted and has desirable fine 'crazing'.

Cost of Restoration

The clock is best sold as-seen but additional work could be undertaken at additional cost. Please ask for a quote.

What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this Item.
If you live near in the North West of England, we may be able to arrange viewing. Local delivery & set-up is from £35. Local customers can add a 12 month warranty for £75
Nationwide delivery & set up may be possible. Shipping is possible. Please enquire.

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