Honoré Pons Empire clock

French Empire period ebonised clock by Honoré Pons, under dome, c1825

8-day bell striking
Ormolu bezel and extensive mounts
Excellent Condition
Top quality throughout
Under glass dome

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Description of the item
This is an import French ormolu Empire period clock by an important maker Honoré Pons c1825. It has a stepped ebonised body with liberally applied ormolu mounts. 'Reading' these designs is a specialist subject but this is complete with Roman (?) armor and weaponry. Central to the case is a stunning thermometer and silvered dial plate. Clocks by Pons are found in National museum collections.
Spirit coiled thermometer
Honoré Pons trademark
Information about the maker
Movement signed by the important maker Honoré Pons. In 1806, Pons was commanded by the Minister of the Interior to reorganise flagging clock industry in Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont. He placed a great emphasis on quality and was rightly credited with sector's revival. His own movements were the best and won silver medals in 1819 and 1823 and finally a gold in 1827.
This clock only shows the medal for 1823 so was made between then and 1827.
Dimensions & Specification
8-day outside countwheel bell strike movement. Stepped ebonised wooden frame inlaid with brass mouldings. Extensive Ormolu mounts and adornments. Blued steel hands.
Dimensions inc dome: 480mm tall, Base is 355 width, 205mm deep. The clock if removed from the plinth is approx 400mm tall.
weaponry ormolu detail
Armor ormolu detail
Condition Report
In really nice condition. A couple of small rubs but very clean and very striking appearance. The pendulum, (largly unseen) may be a replacement (although is very attractive) and period.
The glass dome appears to be period and well sized to the clock. The base is recent (to fit to fit the dome). Almost impossible to find a clock of this period in its original dome. In excellent retail order. Fully prepared for sale.
Cost of Restoration
Non required.
Ormolu dial surround
Hand detail
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