Picture of the RAF Bracket Clock by Elliott
Oak RAF Mess Clock by Elliott

Oak RAF Mess Clock by Elliott

Excellent Condition
World War II Service
RAF Byley (Cheshire)
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Description of the item

A very high quality clock with an immense history. It was bought from RAF Byley in Cheshire when it closed in the 1950s, obviously having seen service during WWII. Made by FW Elliott, these clocks were actually made from a surplus stock of mahogany wall clock back-boxes and veneered over in oak to meet the War Departments specification (see www.aeroclocks.com for more info). It doesn't strike or chime so is technically a 'timepiece'.
Please ask if you need this detail of the dial

Information about the maker

F.W Elliott are probably the most celebrated volume English clock maker. There were four generations involved in the business, the F.W standing for Frank Westcombe Elliott who took over in 1904.
Almost all of their movements are numbered and those made for the Government were dated. Duing the war, output was reduced as the factory made test-gear for the Merlin engines used in the Spitfire figheter aeroplanes. Ronald Rose's lovely book 'English Dial Clocks' has more details and photographs of the factory.

Dimensions & Specification

Dimensions: 16" tall, 11.5" max width, 6" deep

It has a 6" silvered convex dial with fancy
brass bezel and hands.

The movement is a chain driven 8-day
Please ask if you need the detail of the damage

Condition Report

A totally original clock in excellent condition. The movement is quite clean and running like a train - as a result we have not overhauled-it.

There is a small 'shake' or split to the front, just above the 12 (see 2nd detailed photo). Not at all significant but best mentioned.

Cost of Restoration

Non required

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