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Flame Mahogany 'Club' clock by Walker / JJ Stockalls, with Wall Bracket

Flame Mahogany Case
Super quality
Original finish
With Wall bracket


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Description of the item

A very interesting & high quality non-chiming 'timepiece', perhaps made for a gentleman's club or boardroom. Supplied with a bracket allowing it to be hung on the wall or more conventionally set on a table/desk. Hard to date accurately within the 1885-1930 range, but most likely c 1900 based on the movement stamp. It would have been an expensive clock and it is hard to imagine it being supplied during the war years.
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Information about the maker

The movement is stamped with the trademark for JJ Stockall & Sons who operated from 1870 until 1912 when they became Stockall Marples & Co. We can assume that JJ Stockall made the clock with John Walker (the name on the dial) being the retailer.
Walker were the principal supplier (and maintainance contractor) of clocks to the Railway Companies. In 1903 they had retail premises in Regent Street London and held a Royal Warrant. Ian Lyman's book notes Stockall Marples & Co as a supplier to Walker so there is no concern over the different names on the dial & movement.

Dimensions & Specification

8-day (weekly wind) chain driven fusee movement of high quality. Plain pillars. Repainted 8" iron dial with blued steel hands.

Clock dimensions (exc bracket): height 42cm, width 34.5cm and 18cm deep.
(Including Bracket): height 62cm, width 38cm and 20cm deep.

The clock is less 'squat' than indicated by the photos.
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Condition Report

In extremely good and original order. The case has a wonderfull patination and is better than indicated by the harsh studio lighting. The clock is all original, save for the dial being professionally repainted (the very flaked original is shown on the large images). The bracket is of the correct size, has similar age and is of very high quality, but I can't guarantee it is original to the clock (it is well chosen solid mahogany vs. the veneered clock). There are a couple of small areas of repair to the case and a slight degregation to the polish on one side, but it is in exceptional order and you will be very pleased with it.

Cost of Restoration

Non required. In top retail condition. The movement was recently serviced so has just been checked & oiled.

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