4 glass mantel clock by Marti

Excellent quality full size 'Four glass' with Ellicott pendulum c1890

Rare compensating pendulum
Lovely soft gilding
Visible Brocot escapement
Original throughout

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Description of the item

An excellent example of these popular clocks. (they vary significantly in quality!). Heavy bevelled glass panels contained in a gilded brass case. Clean white dial with roman numerals and a visible brocot escapement. Rare 'Ellicott' temperature compensating pendulum. Eight day movement fully overhauled, striking on a gong. Circa 1890. 33cm tall.
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Information about the maker

The movement carries many markings; many more than normal. It appears to have been made by Samuel Marti & Cie, and carries the Medaille de Bronze, which places it's production between 1860 and 1900 (when they won Gold at the Paris exhibition). Below their stamp it has a serial number K1567. Elsewhere on the movement in carries the retailers mark HP & Co (who would have sold the clock in Paris) and what we assume to be their serial number 52449. To add to the intrigue, it also carries 2290 stamped in a lozenge, and the notation A1 inside an oval!
Dimensions & Specification

Gilded brass case. 2-part enamel dial with visible brocot escapement. 8-day duration, marking the 1/2 hours and counting the hours on a coiled blued-steel gong. Rare Ellicott temperature compensating pendulum (which can be reversed to show a plain brass face).

Dimensions: 33cm tall, 20cm wide, 15cm deep
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Condition Report

In excellent order. These clocks are prone to damage with enamel dials and large glass panels. The glasses have a couple of nibbles, mainly to the rear door. The dial is undamaged save for a tiny chip to the redulating square above the 12 (see larger photos). The case is really clean, maintaining virtually all of its original gilt, even to the top. Fully cleaned and overhauled for sale.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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