Picture of the Grandfather Clock byHugh Knight Stone

Small Oak & Mahogany 8-day painted dial longcase clock by Hugh Knight of Stone c1815

Attractive Oak case
Pretty Painted dial
Very Original throughout


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Description of the item

A lovely and very small longcase / grandfather clock suitable for a cottage. We have restored another by the maker and it was through that work that we were offered this example privately. Dating to c1815, it has a very attractive painted dial and sits in a fully restored oak case (with mahogany trims) of great colour & patination. Only 6' 7" tall.
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Information about the maker

Joseph McKenna's "Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Central England" lists Hugh Knight in Stone (Staffordshire) from 1785 to 1798 and in nearby Stafford from 1818 to 1822. The clock dates to c1815 which suggests the missing dates between those given were also spent in Stone. We've seen a couple of clocks by him. We know he took five apprentices whilst in Stone and he maintained the church clock at Markey Drayton in nearby Shropshire.

Dimensions & Specification

At only 79" tall this is one of the smallest 8-day longcases we've seen making is very suitable for a cottage type environment. Oak case with mahogany trims. Good quality 8-day movement sounding the hours on a bell. The case is of a style recognised as being made in nearby Uttoxeter and sold to clockmakers in the local towns. 12" square dial. Max width of the case 19.5", max depth 9".
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Condition Report

Fully restored ready for sale (dial cleaned and blackwork redone, movement professionally overhauled). The case was in poor condition requiring extensive restoration but has come-up beautifully. We have many photos to record the degree of restoration.

Cost of Restoration

Non required. Perfect retail condition.

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