Picture of the Clock by Hendrick Oswestry
Twin Fusee wall clock by Hendrick, Oswestry

Twin Fusee wall clock by Hendrick, Oswestry

c1870, 12" Dial

Very original throughout
Good working order
Currently unrestored
Restoration at cost

SOLD Sorry

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Description of the item

This is a very fine Victorian 'drop-dial' clock with a rare twin-fusee (therefore striking) movement.
The case is veneered in flame mahogany and is extremley well patinated. The 8-day movement strikes the hours on a bell. The painted 12" dial retains the original signature and is protected by a spun-brass bezel.
Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the case
Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the carved ear

Information about the maker

The clock was made by Hendrick who is listed as working in Owestry (Welsh Borders) in 1879 (Loomes). We estimate this clock was made slightly earlier than that, c1870.

Dimensions & Specification

To follow

Condition Report

The clock is exactly as we bought-it; in good working order and unrestored. We are happy to sell it 'as-is' but are also happy to do any restoration required by the buyer. Approx prices are set out below. The clock is 100% original. The only 'fault' is a missing escutcheon / wear to the bottom door lock.

Cost of Restoration

To re-ink the dial 'signature' £30
To touch-in the worn numerals £20
To overhaul the movement and provide a 12 months return to base warranty £250
To fit an ivory or ebony escutceon to the bottom door £65

What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this item.
If you live near to Cheshire, we are happy to bring the item to the Knutsford shop for you to examine in detail.

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