Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Richard Hornby of Oldham

8-day penny-moon brass dial clock by Richard Hornby of Oldham

Rare 8-day Penny-Moon
Attractive Red Walnut Case
Good size. Not too tall

Fully prepared for sale.

Will consider offers

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Description of the item
An very interesting C18th 8-day brass dial longcase clock with a rare penny-moon. A good size at only 6' 11". We only have this one because we sold a similar oak example (see Sold section) and the family selling this got in touch as a result. This is more 'formal' in what we believe is a solid red walnut case. All fully prepared with photographic record.
A very attractive clock in the flesh.
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Information about the maker
Hornby was known to be working from 1743 (Churchwarden's accounts 'for repairing the clock and chimes'). His death in 1791 is recorded as 'Clockmaker and hardware-man, died in an advanced age'. He died a wealthy man, leaving two houses worth £900. Several clocks are known by him, but he was not thought to have been a prolific maker.
Dimensions & Specification
8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
13" Brass dial with silvered centre and chapter ring. Penny moon is 2 3/8" dia.
Dims: 211cm tall. Max width 63cm.
Original Blued steel hands. We are pretty certain the case is in solid Red Walnut case which has a similar appearance to mahogany.
The previous clock of his we sold featured practice engraving of flower sellers behind the dial. This one has a similar flower seller on the dial!
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Condition Report
Fully & professionally restored ready for sale. Dial and movement professionally overhauled. Case was in good order requiring only light restoration.
Full photographic record of the clock prior to the work starting will be provided.
The blue gilded decoration above the dial is original. It's decorated on a paper base which would be difficult to restore. If required it could be replaced (2 routes possible) but we thought we'd leave these debates until we find a buyer.
Additional Information
John Roby (Author) has been researching the engraving of Manchester dials and believes this style of work indicates this dial was probably the work of fellow clockmaker and engraving specialist William Barlow of Ashton Under Lyne.
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