Jonas Barber Clockmaker of  Winster by B.W.Cave-Browne-Cave

Jonas Barber Clockmaker of Winster by B.W.Cave-Browne-Cave

Softback 268pg
Condition: New
This last copy has a very (very) slight ruffle to the front cover. Book is unread, just a handling / storage mark. Still suitable for a gift.
Published by Reminder Press 1979
P&P in UK £5.95,
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Price: 35.00

Our verdict on this title : 9/10

A real surprise! A nice change to the regional format. The author made personal visits to private homes to examine approx 180 clocks by this clock making family and has recorded their evolution in amazing detail. His family lived in a home that included Barber's workshop.

I guess it was made to a budget (hardly aiming for Harry Potter sales volumes) and therefore the photos are not of the highest quality and the text layout could be easier to read, However, these 'flaws' just add to the quirkiness and appeal..

Publishers full description of Title :

268 pages, many photos and drawings, 1979.
Excellent New Condition (Out of Print).
21cm by 30cm

A study of the lives and work of the Barber family who made clocks at Bryan Houses in Winster Westmorland throughout most of the 18th century.

ISBN-9: 0 9506689 0 7
ISBN-13: 978-0950668901

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