Picture of the Grandfather Clock by William Holliwell of Liverpool

Stunning 8-day Mahogany Liverpool longcase by William Holliwell

c1772 (!)
Lancashire Chippendale style mahogany case
Slim, beautiful proportions
Centre (sweep) date
Currently unrestored.

£4.5k to £7.5k restored

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Description of the item
This is a stunning and important longcase clock in a 'Lancashire Chippendale' style mahogany case. It shares many features and styling to the clocks produced by Joseph Finney - Liverpool's finest clockmaker - who Holliwell served his apprenticeship with. Built for a serious house, it is over 8' tall but slim with beautiful proportions.
Can be sold as shown or with various restorations.
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Information about the maker
William Holliwell was born in Liverpool in 1740. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to Joseph Finney of Liverpool for seven years. Finney is a VERY highly regarded maker.
Unusually, he was allowed to marry during his apprenticeship, marrying into a Derby clock making family who were friends with Finney. The records indicate he left Liverpool for Derby in 1773 at the age of 33, where he and his sons established a successful clock making business, working for Mathew Boulton amongst others.
There are no records of Holliwell trading in his own name in Liverpool, but it would appear he did, else this clock would have been signed Finney. My pet theory is that this clock was destined to be signed Finney, but on Finney's death in 1772, Holliwell put his own name on it. Finney's death would therefore have been the trigger for Holliwell to move to Derby the following year.

Holliwell died in 1812 aged 72 (or 1802 from a different source).
Dimensions & Specification
8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
Centre (sweep) date indicator
13" Brass dial with silvered centre and chapter ring.
Dims: 248cm tall. Max width 57cm.
Original Blued steel hands.
Case with free standing pillars with carved 'Chippendale sticks'
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Condition Report
Shown as bought, running beautifully. Possible restoration work to include:
The glass panels in the hood are replacements and would have either been blue painted glass with gold decoration ('verre eglomise') or blind fretted (as in other areas on the case).
The base has the usual shrinkage 'kink' often found on clocks of this style.
The plinth base (foot) is unusual but not unknown. It perhaps could have started life on 'ogee' feet.
All these points can replaced appropriately (at a cost) after discussion with the new owner.

The movement and dial could also be overhauled according to taste and location.
Cost of Restoration
To be discussed. The price range shown varies from it being literally taken and enjoyed as-is, to it being fully restored and prepared for sale. Work can always be done later if that suits budgets.
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