Picture of the barograph

Mahogany cased barograph by R & J Beck of Cornhill, London

Fully restored
Beautiful Condition
Bevelled glasses
Chart drawer

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Description of the item

Very attractive late 19th C barograph in excellent quality mahogany case. Complete with chart-drawer and deeply bevelled glasses. 8 diaphragm bellows, with an 8-day movement. Plate with Beck name and address. Small plate with the initials G.E.P. (easily removed). Fully serviced and restored.
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Information about the maker

R&J Beck was a renowned British optical company based in London. It was founded in 1843 by two brothers, Richard & Joseph Beck, with Joseph surving until 1891. We estimate this is approximately when this fine barograph was made, although the firm did continue into the 20th century.
Dimensions & Specification

Note about dating: It is very difficult to date barographs precisely as they followed the same form from 1880 to 1960! Our estimate is based on the quality and elegance of this item with the information we know about the makers.
The plate has (what we assume to be) a serial number of 976.

Dimensions: 384mm wide, 248mm deep, 227mm tall.
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Condition Report

This item has obviously been well cared for and came to us in good condition. The case was virtually mint and has just been cleaned and waxed. The brass work and movement has been stripped, cleaned and serviced. We believe the ink bottle holder is a (good) replacement.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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