Mantel Clocks in restoration

We own the following clocks which are either just awaiting photography or, more likely, awaiting or undergoing restoration. Expressions of interest can greatly influence the order in which we restore them.
Getting intouch now allows you to:
- request any simple photos (snaps) we may have
- request the 'first look' when complete
- buy them now, unrestored
- pay a deposit now ahead of agreed price restoration

Miniature Westminster Chiming Clock

Just 22.3cm tall (under 9"), high quality clock by Gillet & Johnson. Chiming on 5 gongs, with a Chime / Silent switch. Interesting dedication plaque (to a Westimster School Professor) has been relocated to under the base. Not cheap I'm afraid!
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GandJ Westinster

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It is sometimes difficult to decide which category to place a particular clock in. You will find larger clocks that are suitable for larger mantles on these other pages.

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