Picture of the Triple fusee 8 bell clock

Maple & Co retailed imposing Double Fusee Boardroom Clock

Massive movement
Chain drived fusees
Silvered Dial
Cast bezel, bevelled glass
Totally Original

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Description of the item

An English made Late Victorian / early Edwardian boardroom that sounds each hour on a heavy gong. Very slow, impressive sounding. In very good working order with clean appearance (not fully restored but tidy - see condition report).
High quality throughout, especially the very heavy 5 pillar English movement
Boardroom clock is the term used to describe very large and / or imposing table clocks. They may have been used domestically, but need a bit of space.

Dimensions & Specification

Double fusee chain-driven movement
Counts the hours on a gong
Dimensions: 18 1/2" tall, 17.25" max width, 10" max depth.
Oak case. Carved side panels, fretted metal rear panel.
Silvered dial behind cast bezel and bevelled glass.

Information about the maker

Maple & Co were the retailer of the clock. Their premises on Tottenham Court Road were famous and regarded as one of the sights of London. The manufacturer of the clock is unknown (movement not signed), but certainly of English manufacture. The clock dates to the late Victorian / Early Edwardian period c1900.


Condition Report

The clock has come in a part exchange and is in 'as arrived' condition. Running well, the movement looks to have been recently cleaned. The oak case has a few knocks and rubs and has been refinished at some stage. It is clean and tidy, fine for most uses. The finish could be improved at further cost. The bezel lock is present but is damaged inside. The bezel stays closed as required.

Cost of Restoration

Happy to discuss by email / phone. Can be taken and used straight away.


What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this Item.
If you live near to Cheshire, we may be able to bring the clock for viewing.
Local delivery & set-up is available for £40.
UK courier £50. Export please ask for quote

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