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Miniature Art Nouveau Mantel Clock c1900

Very rare miniature clock
Original finish & dial
Movement overhauled
Only 188mm tall
Excellent Condition
Top quality throughout


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Description of the item

This is beautiful clock but most importantly, it is tiny! At less than 7.5" tall, it has superb proportions with its tiny movement tucked in the lovely mahogany case. Models of this pattern are usually about 11" tall. This is the first time we've owned such a small version. The case retains its original finish and the movement has been comprehensively overhauled.
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Information about the maker

French made, circa 1900.
Dimensions & Specification

Mahogany case with satinwood and decorative inlays. Porcelain dial with Roman numerals for the hours, the quarters marked in red Arabics. Original very fine moon hands. 8-day movement with original platform escapement.
Dimensions: 188mm tall. Max width 103mm, max depth 69mm.
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Condition Report

The case and dial are in excellent original order (not refinished). The movement has been fully overhauled for sale.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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