Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Cotterill Wirksworth

A truly exceptional Cheshire Longcase clock by John Stanyer of Nantwich c1785. Rare centre date

Small Oak case
Pretty Painted dial
Very Original throughout
Fully prepared for sale.


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Description of the item

A wonderfully original local Grandfather / Longcase clock, found in a rather tired condition. Painted dial in its original Oak case (with mahogany trims) with the recognisable short Nantwich Caddy. c1785. 8-day movement with rare centre date feature. Very pretty and very original; a dangerous combination! Nantwich is in Cheshire.
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Information about the maker

This clock is the work of either of either John I or his son John II. There is considerable confusion between them as they shared the same name, both had wives called Elizabeth and gave their children many of the same names. Reading between the lines, I think this is the work of Stanyer Senior, during the period his son worked in nearby Chester. (Research from AA Treherne's exhibition catalogue).

Dimensions & Specification

8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
Painted dial 13" square
Dimensions: only 206cm tall including the caddy, Max width 56.3cm, Max depth 27.5cm
Rare centre date indicator
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Condition Report

This is one of the most original longcases we've owned and it is hard to see how it could be bettered. We have an extensive photographic record prior to starting the work. All the work has been done to the highest standards. Only the feet and the brass date hand and associated work have been replaced (they were often removed if they caused trouble). Even has its (almost convex) original glass to the hood door.

Cost of Restoration

Non required.

What to do next

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