Picture of the Clock by Swinden & Sons

Large Oak Drop-dial clock by Swinden & Sons, Birmingham

c1870, 14" Dial
Stunning Oak Case
Highy Original Throughout
Unusual imposing design

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Description of the item

This is a very interesting and imposing 'drop-dial' clock in excellent original order. It has a very long pendulum, giving it a relaxing slow beat. It is a large and imposing clock -ideal for someone wanting to furnish a room, but clearly of great interest to a clock collector.

The case is made of solid oak, with a very warm golden colour.
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Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the dial

Information about the maker

Swinden & Sons are recorded as working in Birmingham between 1858-80 as wholesalers and importers as well as dial makers. We have previously sold a regular 12" school clock by them numbered 22282. The wide difference in numbers may indicate this clock (no. 2786) is actually earlier than the 1870 date given.

Dimensions & Specification

The 8-day fusee movement is chain driven and of excellent quality. It has the shaped shoulders of earlier movements and is joined to the dial with the original untouched falseplate. The brass spun bezel retains the orininal glass & sight ring and covers the painted 14" dial.

The overall height is 34.25", max width 19" and 6.75 " deep.
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Condition Report

In extremely good and original order. I rarely find better. There are a couple of areas of repair I will detail on request to the most concerned collector. Most importantly, the dial ground is original as is 95% of the blackwork (dial signature is untouched). Original bezel with old wavy glass. Not a marriage - no other dial has ever been fitted. The pendulum rod is probably a replacement. Case and movement fully prepared for retail sale.

Cost of Restoration

Non required. In top retail condition.

What to do next

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