Painted Dial Clocks: 1770-1870, Brian Loomes.

Painted Dial Clocks: 1770-1870, Brian Loomes.

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Our verdict on this title : 9/10

This is the authoritative title and very readable. The nearest thing a clock book gets to a coffee table title. Very approchable, very readable. His catergorisation into Period 1-3 has been adopted widely. Our joint favourite. Essential reading if you are looking for a longcase with a painted dial and are not 100% sure of your seller.

This has recently gone out of print and values have shot-up.

For dealers and collectors, it is a must. For investors, a good bet.

Publishers full description of Title :

This text includes a detailed list of every recorded dialmaker and explains in non-technical detail the development of dial and case styles and regional trends. It should be suitable reading for the owner of any painted dial clock, as well as collectors and dealers. This is a re-write of the author's earlier book "White Dial Clocks". This new edition, written to take account of the latest research findings, contains additional black and white illustrations and new colour material. The painted dial type of clock is important to the collector or student in Britain in the sense that it is more readily available than many other types of clock. This greater availability often also means that painted dial clocks fall into a lower price category and so are more affordable for the potential buyer. For the collector or student in America, these clocks assume an even greater importance. Of those clocks actually made in North America few were made with brass dials, and those with painted dials were often made using dials imported from Britain by the clockmakers. The same also applies to clocks made in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For all these countries, therefore, a knowledge of British painted dial clockmaking is useful.


ISBN 978-1851491834
Reprinted 1999

8.8" x 11", 350 pages, many illustrations, hardback, full-colour dust jacket

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