Picture of the Grandfather Clock by George Monks of Prescot

Very attractive early painted dial longcase by George Monks of Prescot

Excellent quality case
Attractive 'period 1' dial
Original fretted swan necks

Fully prepared for sale.


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Description of the item
An excellent early painted dial longcase clock by Geo Monks of Prescot Lancashire. Very rare in that it retains its original fretted swan necks. Very good quality oak case with mahogany cross-banding and trimming. Very 'tight' construction of the hood, giving very pleasing proportions.
All fully prepared with photographic record.
A very attractive clock in the flesh.
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Information about the maker
This clock dates c1790. Baille records show a Geo Monkes in Prescot c1770. This is certainly our man and is probably a typo, as it also shows a Geo Monks c1820 and (presumably) his brother Charles at the same period. We can find a record showing George's wife (Margaret) died in 1810. Prescot was better known for its watchmaking.
Dimensions & Specification
8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
Painted dial (mde by Wilson) 14" wide of the strawberry corner type (although this time with flowers). Subsidary seconds dial and 'mouth' calendar.
Dims: 216cm tall. Max width 55.4cm. Max depth 26.5cm
Original Blued steel hands. Solid oak case with mahogany banding and trims. Original glass to hood door.
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Condition Report
Fully & professionally restored ready for sale. Dial and movement professionally overhauled. Case was in good order requiring only light restoration.
Full photographic record of the clock prior to the work starting will be provided..
Cost of Restoration
Non required
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