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Mahogany Sheraton Shell Barometer by D Barelli of Bath

c1815, 8" Dial

Fully overhauled
Good Colour

£ 1195

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Description of the item

An attractive and elegant 'Sheraton' mahogany mercury barometer from the Regency period (early C 19th). Very original throughout. 8" signed dial. Of excellent quality typical of this period with good veneers, double stringing. Oval shell and round floral paterae. Red spirit thermometer, cast brass bezel. Short neck indicating an earlier model vs. most seen.
Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the case
Please ask if you need this detailed photo of the thermometer
Information about the maker

Edwin Banfield's 'Barometer Makers & Retailers 1600-1900' lists a D Barelli in nearby Bristol 1800-1820 with a John Barelli & Co in Bath 1810-30

Condition Report

Sensitively restored it to its former glory. Fully prepared, ready to hang and enjoy.
There is a small area of stringing with light damage, below the 28" scale on the dial. Only noticeable on close examination but better pointed-out.

Fully prepared, ready to hang and enjoy.

Length 43"; Width 10". (Appx)

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