Carriage Clock

Unsigned Striking & repeating Gorge cased Carriage Clock


Soft Gilt Finish
Undamaged dial
Desirable 'Gorge' Case
Very original throughout


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Description of the item

A very desirable late C19th striking and repeating carriage clock. Despite our best efforts, we can not firmly identy the maker (see below) but the work is of very high standard and Gorge cases were typically only used by the best makers. Beautiful soft gilt finish.
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Information about the maker

Despite fully stripping the clock during it's overhaul, we can't find a makers marks. Good carriage clocks were quite often unsigned, but it is usually possible to identify the maker from certain clues. The arrow used to indicate the direction of winding is one such clue. Although the arrow on this clock doesn't exactely match the drawing in the reference book, it is most similar to that used by Margaine.
Dimensions & Specification

Brass case retaining almost all of its original gilding. Movement and case numbered 1149. Bevelled glasses all round. Oval viewing window to the top showing the original platform escapement. Fully overhauled & prepared for sale. Marks the half hour and counts the hours on a gong. Repeat button strikes the last hour (used on waking in the night).

Dimensions: 185mm tall (handle up) / 146mm to the top of the case. Base is 97mm wide by 86mm deep.
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Condition Report

In excellent retail order. Fully prepared for sale.
Cost of Restoration

Non required.
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