Picture of the Triple fusee 8 bell clock

Victorian Triple Fusee 8 bell Chiming Bracket Clock in Mahogany Case

Chimes on 8 Bells
Mahogany Case
Silvered Dial
Totally Original
Video available


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Description of the item

An English made Victorian bracket that chimes each quarter on 8 bells.
Click the image (right) to listen to the chiming.
A handsome and imposing clock in totally original condition. Quality mahogany case and silvered dial.

You can also watch the video with captions in larger format here.
You can select the 'tune'

Dimensions & Specification

Triple fusee chain-driven movement
Chimes the quarters on 8 bells
Counts the hours on a gong
Dimensions: 20 1/4" tall, 14" max width, 10" max depth (256mm to be precise).
Mahogany case. Glass side panels, fretted metal rear panel

Information about the maker

Despite a thorough examination we can't find any makers mark, which is not unusual for the period. We are quite confident it is of English manufacture. Made in the Early-Mid Victorian Period, around 1860.

You can turn off the chiming if you wish (at night for example)
The 8 bells

Condition Report

The clock has been very well cared. The case is untouched and in really top condition. The movement was professionally overhauled a couple of years ago and is very clean. We've checked and oiled it. We are very happy to sell the clock with a warranty. The silvered dial shows a few signs of wear but is clean. This can resilvered in the future but should be left original for now.

Cost of Restoration

Non required. Excellent retail condition.

Carved Corinthian Columns
Fine carving detail

What to do next

IIf you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this Item.
If you live near to Cheshire, we may be able to bring the clock for viewing.
Local delivery & set-up is available for £40.

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