Victorian Clocks by Richard Good

Victorian Clocks by Richard Good

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Published by British Museum Press 1996
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Our verdict on this title : 8/10

A very strong but understated book on an important subject area. The author clearly has a lot of regard for the clocks he covers, which represent some of the best quality work ever produced. Covers very special clocks plus many that are affordable to collectors. Mix of Longcase / Table / Wall clocks covered.

Publishers full description of Title :

In this fascinating and fully-illustrated book Richard Good examines in detail over 140 examples of the different types of clock made in the Victorian period, including carriage clocks, mantel and table clocks, long case clocks, regulators, skeleton clocks, marine and domestic chronometers, Cole-type clocks, time signals and electric clocks, and turret clocks. The styles are as varied as the types: Regency, Egyptian (following Nelson's Battle of the Nile), Orientalising and, strongest influence of all, the Gothic Revival. Richard Good gives details about the individuals and firms who made these extraordinary creations and evaluates their contributions to the history of clockmaking. Copious illustrations and useful reference appendices make this an invaluable book for the collector, student or anyone with an interest in clocks.

Published Price £40
Dimensions 24.5 x 17.7 x 2.1 cm
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ISBN-10: 0714105783
ISBN-13: 978-0714105789

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