Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Winterhalder

Quality Mahogany 8-day Westminster Chiming longcase clock by Winterhalder c1920.

Quality Mahogany Case
(Darker than shown)
Three train weight driven
Great 'sound'.


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Description of the item

Not our usual item but we decided to try one as we are often asked for them. This is a c1920 Westminster Chiming clock of full size and of rare quality. Many of the longcases produced in this period are poor quality spring driven examples. This example is three train, weight driven in a very high quality mahogany case. (The case is much darker than the pictures have captured; more dark brown less orange).
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Information about the maker

The clock is marked HW which belonged to the Hausuhrenfabik Winterhalder (Winterhalder clock factory) owned by Hans Winterhalder in the Black Forest region of Germany - one of the sons of the more well known Winterhalder & Hoffmier partnership. The company changed names in 1925 (so we know the clock is before then). Eventually the company was bought (as most were) by Junghans. I would anticipate that the case (original) was made in England.

Dimensions & Specification

8 day, three train, weight driven movement. One train drives the timekeeping, a second the quarter hour westminster chiming, the third driving the sounding of the hours on seprate gong rods. Very good quality sound. Strike silent feature to the arch. Brass & steel dial to a c1780 design. French polished case of high quality. Glazed door with individual bevelled glass panels. 83 and 5/8" tall (8'); 17.5" wide at the base, 11" deep (quite a deep clock to accomodate the chimings gongs).
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Condition Report

The clock is currently as we bought it. It is totally original and is in excellent order. The case would beneift from a burnish and the glass given a thorough cleaning. The clock runs beautifully. The movement will need a service in the medium term. The silvering on the dial shows a little wear. The price quoted assumes all the above work is done prior to sale and the clock is sold 'mint'. If you want the clock 'as-is', please get in touch for a quote. Contd below...

Condition Report Contd.

The only very slight damage is to the rear of the roof of the hood, where a few small chips of veneer have come away. This is only visible if you can see the clock whilst descending the stairs!
The finish has some white specking below the polish which is a feature of much Edwardian furniture which hasn't been refinished. It results from the dye leaching from the filler used to fill the grain prior to polishing with Shellac. It does not destract and is a sign of originality.

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