Picture of the Bracket Clock by Winterhalder & Hofmeier
Good value 3-Gong clock by Winterhalder & Hoffmierinc shipping to USA

Good value 3-Gong clock by Winterhalder & Hoffmierinc shipping to USA

Regency style
Silvered dial
Refinished case


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Description of the item

A good value full size bracket clock made by Winterhalder & Hoffmier c1900 (The Georgian Revival period). It has a silvered dial with arabic numerals, covered by a heavy cast bezel. The wooden case is a good mahogany colour with brass corner inserts, typical of the Regency Period. Original twin train 8-day going-barrel (non fusee) movement of good quality.
Dimensions: Overall diameter approx XX"; depth X".

Please ask if you need this detail of the case
Please ask if you need this detailed view of the movement

Information about the maker

Winterhalder & Hoffmier were prolific makers of clocks in the late 19th and early 20th C. They were particularly strong in the English market, because their clocks followed the English style and methods. They were based in the Black Forest area of Germany.

We estimate this clock was made approx 1900.

Condition Report

In good clean condition and good running order. All the components are original. The case has been refinished to a good standard.


Cost of Restoration

Non required.

What to do next

If you'd like to buy this clock, or would like some more information or reassurance, please contact us about this Item.
If you live near to Cheshire, we are happy to bring the item to the Knutsford shop for you to examine in detail.
Local delivery & set-up is available for £40.
12 months warranty can be provided for £50

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