Yorkshire Clockmakers, Brian Loomes

Yorkshire Clockmakers, Brian Loomes

Hardback book 350pg
Condition: Brand New, signed by Brian Loomes
Published by George Kelsall
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Price: 19.50

Our verdict on this title : 7/10

A good book and obviously a must-have for those interested in Yorkshire Clocks. I particularly like the preliminary chapters (for which Mr Loomes is a little apologetic!) which deal with 'What was a Clockmaker', 'Dials' and 'Cases'. These add much value to these regional listing books which are typically very 'dry'.

Some clockmakers entries still only warrant a single line , but the couple I've referenced so far have added quite a bit of details to that available elsewhere.

Although out of print this brand-new signed copy is available at the published price of £19.50
Publishers full description of Title :

A definitive, non-technical survey of the watch and clock makers of the county, about 2,000 of them, summarising whatever is known about each maker biographically. This (the second) edition of 1985 of the 1972 book is much enlarged with completely new photographs. Indexed by maker and by town, this is an invaluable book for any collector, enthusiast or restorer.
Published by George Kelsall. 206 pages, 53 photographs, 10in by 7in.
This edition 1985
ISBN 0 946571 04
Published price £19.50

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