Picture of the Grandfather Clock by Lupton Altrincham

Oak & Mahogany 8-day painted dial longcase clock with Axe-Head Moon by Lupton of Altrincham

Attractive Oak case
Stuuning Painted dial
Very Original throughout
Fully prepared for sale.


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Description of the item

A very proud looking local clock with a very sought after axe-head rolling moon dial. Tall & shallow oak case with increasing magogany trims as we move towards the hood. Very original throughout. Excellent patination to the case and one of the most attractive dials we've seen. Interesting typo error on the dial (Altringham vs Altrincham. We've evidence of the same error on other clocks by Lupton).
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Information about the maker

Edmund Davies' book tells us George (I) Lupton operated from 1772 to 1807; part of a large clockmaking family operating in Altrincham between 1725 to 1841. Several examples are noted. We've sold one previously and also have photos of a very similar example to this one which shares the 'typo' to the dial. This clock dates to around 1790.

Dimensions & Specification

8 day movement, striking the hours on a bell.
Painted dial; 14" square, by Wilson.
Dimensions: 226cm tall, max width 55.4cm. Depth 24cm (shallow)
Blued steel hands
Solid oak case, mahogany banding & trimming
Original glass to hood door.
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Condition Report

Fully & professionally restored ready for sale. Dial restored retaining the original off white ground, movement professionally overhauled, case cleaned and waxed and odd small repairs made (mouldings etc)). Full photographic record of the clock prior to the work starting.

Cost of Restoration

Non required.

What to do next

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